Did you know it takes over 60 hours to create a single mug?  

Thidaa, founder of Blue Guy, will discuss the natural qualities and serendipity of this beautiful craft through her Adult Evening and Weekend Pottery Classes at her East London Studio. 

These pottery classes are for all levels and you will have a chance to try and/or improve your techniques of ceramics.  Blue Guy has a cosy studio by Broadway Market in  East London E8.  All materials are included in the price.

Ceramics goes through five stages:

1 - Throwing (wet clay on the wheel)

2 - Turning (dry clay on the wheel)

3 - Bisque fire in the kiln for up to 32 hours

4 - Glazing (decoration)

5 - Glaze fire in the kiln for up to 40 hours. 

Workshop Types

I have two workshops:

1 - 2 Hour Taster class (perfect for date night!) to try out the wheel or glazing. 

2 - Full Beginner Course Package where you will learn all the steps of pottery and leave with finished pieces.

More details of each workshop below!

** I have received a lot of emails which I will aim to respond to as soon as possible but to answer some frequently asked questions: 

- I have updated dates for Workshops. I will not have any additional days until after May. Email me if you have a voucher. =)

- I only have workshops on Saturdays and Fridays. (some Sundays) so cannot do any other days during the week I’m afraid. 

- Taster class will not leave with anything made due to the process of ceramics. After this class, you can pay a small fee for me to finishing the piece off for you or take a second class to learn the next steps. 

- Beginner course will leave with up to 8 pieces. 

- I can do classes up to 6 people but keep in mind that I only have 2 wheels, so we can use the wheels in pairs or have a glazing class. 

=) **

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Taster Class Wheel or Glazing Workshop

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This is best for anyone who wants to have a go on a Potter’s wheel or glaze some pre-made pieces. 

This is a class for 2 intensive hours- great for beginners or date night!  I’ll show you the studio, introduce you to the materials and the process. 

The Saturday workshop is the Wheel Intensive where you will learn about the clay and throwing on the wheel.  This class is completely private and a maximum of 2 friends per class. This is definitely messy so bring a change of cloths or an apron!

The Friday Evening or Saturday Glaze Intensive will consist of pre-made pieces which we will glaze together. You will learn about glaze itself, techniques of how to apply glaze and colour combinations. This workshop is very relaxing and cleaner than the Wheel Intensive! After this workshop you can pick up the finished pot at an agreed later date (approximately 2 weeks). If you would like it shipped there is a small fee. This is a maximum of 4 friends. Please email if you would like this option. 

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Beginner Course Workshop 

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This is a full course to learn the three main creation steps of Ceramics: Throwing on the wheel, turning on the wheel and glazing. 

This consists of three separate workshops:

Day 1 - Saturday 11am-4pm - The first day is the Saturday workshop from 11am until 4pm with 1 hour break between 1-2pm. Great chance to explore Broadway Market!

During the morning session you will learn about the overall process, clay and throwing on the wheel. The afternoon session you will create your first forms.  Pottery on the wheel is surprisingly tiring so please rest up before you arrive and bring an apron or change of clothes because it’s going to be messy!

Day 2 - Sunday 11am-1pm - The second day you will learn the next step of Turning where you use the wheel on pieces you made the day before. You will also stamp your piece and let it dry before it goes in the kiln. 

Day 3 - Friday 7:15pm-9pm or Saturday 11am-1pm - The last class will be a relaxing glazing class to learn about colours and glazing techniques.

Pick up Day - Approximately 2 weeks after your glazing class your pots will be ready for pick up. We can arrange shipment if required for a small fee. 

Everything is included : all materials and kiln time included in the cost up to 4 medium pieces (or 6 small pieces). However depending on how quickly you pick up, you can make up to 8 pieces. 

£395 for one person and if two friends take the same workshop then it’s reduced to £350 each - everything included.

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All classes are fully refundable if emailed 2 weeks before. You can exchange the date up to one week before. =)

All Photos by the fabulous Rebecca Jane Callaby